Using REST monitoring

REST monitoring uses a similar API to Jolokia, but with a subset of the features. The REST API is hosted on ${base-url}/${REST-monitoring-Context-Root}/rest, so with default settings it is hosted at localhost:4848/fang/rest.


REST monitoring supports a subset of operations defined in the Jolokia API. It will expand to include more, but in technical preview currently only supports the read operation.


The read operation reads the details of the MBean requested. It accepts the following format:


So for example, if you want the MBean java.lang:type=Memory, you might make a GET request to: http://localhost:4848/fang/rest/read/java.lang:type=Memory. A sample output is shown below:

  "request": {
    "mbean": "java.lang:type=Memory",
    "type": "read"
  "value": {
    "HeapMemoryUsage": {
      "committed": 450363392,
      "init": 264241152,
      "max": 477626368,
      "used": 97480984
    "ObjectPendingFinalizationCount": 0,
    "NonHeapMemoryUsage": {
      "committed": 139460608,
      "init": 2555904,
      "max": -1,
      "used": 122389432
    "Verbose": false,
    "ObjectName": "java.lang:type=Memory"
  "timestamp": 1502799650273,
  "status": 200

A couple of quick notes:

  • The attribute name can be empty

  • A list of attribute names can be found in the request of an empty attribute name under value, So for the JSON returned from http://localhost:4848/fang/rest/read/java.lang:type=Memory, HeapMemoryUsage and NonHeapMemoryUsage are both attribute names.




The version operation isn’t supported explicitly, but a GET request on the default operation produces similar results.

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