Request Tracing Configuration

The request tracing service configuration is stored in the domain.xml file. As with any aspect of Payara Server configuration, we do not recommend modifying the domain.xml due to the likelihood of typos causing problems.

    <log-notifier enabled="true"></log-notifier>

As shown above, there are three main attributes which can be configured, in addition to a log-notifier sub-tag:


This defines the number of units beyond which a request will be traced.


This defines the time duration per unit. The accepted options are any valid java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit values. By default the threshold value is 3 MINUTES. In the snippet given above, it’s set to 30 SECONDS.


Whether or not the service is turned on

There is an additional configuration option which can be seen in the admin console, or specified as an argument to the asadmin command called dynamic. Setting this to true will activate the change without having to do a server restart.

Request Tracing Configuration in the Admin Console

Not included in the admin console for release is an option to set the notifier type. This is intentional for this tech-preview release, since the general notifier service is released with only one available notifier. When further notifiers are added, the option to specify the type of notifier will be added.

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